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Boston Salsa Congress 2010

Musicality with MetaMovements

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With this CD, we have provided you with four songs and instrument isolations to help you

with your timing. Each song is presented once in its entirety with no counts, as well as

variations of counts and/or instruments. A few have continuous counting, but most have

"mixed counting" where we emphasize different numbers and leave spaces with no

counting, in order to challenge you to maintain timing on your own, and then confirm if

you were correct when the counting comes back in again.

We've provided you with songs and instrument isolations or break-downs (usually in

groups) that emphasise the clave because we believe that hearing and feeling the clave is

important to your continued development as a dancer.


A collection of well known songs and originals in Salsa style.

A comprehensive guide for composers, arrangers and students to setting scores and preparing parts for performance.